Everyone experiences periods of depression and stress in their life, adolescents and teens are no exception. Settling into a routine at school after enjoying freedom from homework and extracurricular obligations during the summer months isn’t easy. Some students ( teachers and parents too!) may need  some additional assistance in working through their daily stressors.

Some suggested relaxation techniques are deep breathing, listening to calming music, going for a walk outside, meditation, yoga, laughing, and connecting with family and friends.

Attention to  general  good health habits is key to preventing and controlling stress and anxiety: proper nutrition, getting a good night's sleep, and regular exercise are all very helpful.

Unresolved anxiety that interferes with daily life and achievement can be indicative  of a more serious issue and would be best treated by one’s healthcare professional.

Here are two websites with more information for you:

“Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety: A Parent’s Survival Guide”

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