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About Beverly Schools

The City
A residential and industrial community located 18 miles north of Boston, Beverly is comprised of fifteen square miles of natural beauty, resources, parks, woodlands, beaches, stately homes, and a lively harbor along nine miles of Atlantic coastline. Founded in 1626, the City of Beverly is one of the oldest communities in the state. Residents describe their city as the birthplace of the United States Navy, noting that the first ship commissioned by the Navy first sailed from Beverly Harbor.


Beverly residents have watched an interesting shift over the past 50 years. The City has changed from an industrial site with huge manufacturers like the United Shoe Machinery Corporation, to a bedroom community that is 85% residential which emphasizes its academic and cultural facilities more than the industrial parks that now house mixed computer and other high technology firms.

The City is the home of Endicott College, a four-year, private coed college, and Montserrat College of Art as well as the widely acclaimed North Shore Music Theatre, which brings in hordes of visitors to glittering Broadway-type productions. Intact in Beverly is the spacious echo of the past since the city is still the home of some of the most historic families in America on gracious estates in the northern portion of the community. Residents note the highly-respected hospital, new library, new senior center, municipal airport, the miles of beautiful beach, numerous commuter stops for public transportation, and the diverse sections of the community that offer everything from rural to urban.

The commitment of Beverly residents to the development of its children may be the most defining cultural aspect of this community. This is reflected in the public school system, as well as through the variety of recreational, athletic, social and cultural opportunities provided to children.

The Schools
The Beverly Public Schools provide education to approximately 4,500 students in preschool through grade twelve in five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. During the past eight years the district has made special efforts to focus on student learning, thereby making significant improvements to our school district.

In September 2003, the newly renovated Centerville Elementary School opened, completing the ambitious six-year building initiative to renovate and construct new space for six elementary schools. Currently, due to enrollment decreases, we only have five elementary schools and one building is leased to the Northshore Consortium. The Beverly High School construction/rennovation project will be complete in the fall of 2011 resulting in an entirely new academic building combined with renovated spaces for the performing arts, field house, and cafeteria.

Beverly’s schools offer reasonable class sizes, modern facilities, a standards-based curriculum and assessment model, programming for gifted and talented students, excellent fine arts programming, including our award winning music program, and an outstanding athletic program.

We believe that people associated with our district recognize these areas as indicators that our schools are substantially better places for students to be than they were seven years ago. In addition, people also recognize that we are committed to continuous improvement, that is, we are continually examining what we do in order to be better tomorrow than we are today.

We are achieving our mission: maximizing academic achievement & personal growth for all students through:

  • a Five (5) year strategic plan incorporating professional development for all staff.
  • Technology initiatives - preparing students for 21st century skills.
  • On-going program and curriculum review enhancing literacy, math, and global awareness.
  • In-house classes for all students including those with developmental delays, language-based disabilities, behavioral disorders, and English language learners.

Our students are achieving more than ever:

  • Over 94% of the 2011 graduating class is attending college.
  • 33 AP Scholars were named in 2010.
  • 5 National Merit Scholars were recognized (top 5% of 1.3 million students).
  • Over 99% of students met or exceeded all MCAS test requirements for 2011 graduation.

We are continually recognized for our achievements:

  • Recipient of $1.8 million Federal grant to establish Small Learning Communities over the next 5 years.
  • Awarded full NEASC accreditation with numerous commendations.
  • Applications for School Choice enrollment increased significantly over past years.


Beverly Public Schools
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