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User Fees

The Beverly Public Schools, like many other school systems in the Commonwealth, is again facing an extremely challenging budget year. As a result, the Beverly School Committee must continue to assess a number of fees to help generate revenue that will help to “close the gap” and thus maintain many of the excellent programs that benefit our students.

Scholarships Available!

We want all interested students to participate in whatever activity they wish, and we would not want a family’s current financial situation to be a reason for not participating. Every user fee described below has an available scholarship program. If you feel the need for help in paying for these opportunities, tuition scholarship help is available. Click here to download the Scholarship Form. Complete the form and mail or bring it to:

Nikki Brickman
Beverly Public Schools
Memorial Building
502 Cabot Street
Beverly MA 01915

Should you have any questions, you can contact Nikki at 978-921-6100, Ext. 726 or by emailing her at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Yes, we need financial help to keep programs running, but we don’t want tuitions and fees to discourage anyone’s participation!

Transportation $315 per student Maximum: $630 per family
Late fee (after August 1st): $25.00
Replace missing bus pass: $5.00
Contact: Bill Burke
Transportation Director
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While state law merely requires transportation for students who live beyond a two-mile limit, Beverly has maintained a 1.5-mile limit for transporting students. If a student lives within a 1.5-mile limit on an existing bus route and there is a seat available on that bus, then the parent can pay for that student’s seat. Each year, transportation applications are sent to existing transportees of record. In addition, applications can be picked up at the Transportation Office, Beverly Public Schools, 7 Sohier Road, Beverly MA 01915. Finalized bus routes complete with bus stop locations will be published in both local newspapers and on this website in late August.

Elementary Enrichment Center (EEC) $490 for grade 3
$985 for grades 4 & 5
Contact: Susan Snyder
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Hannah Elementary School

The Elementary Enrichment Center program was implemented in September 1976. It is designed to meet the needs of academically talented students who will benefit from working with others of like ability. The program identifies students who have exhibited an interaction among three basic clusters of human traits: above average abilities, high levels of task commitment, and high levels of creativity.

E.E.C. is a full day pull-out program offering differentiated instruction by exposing the student to modified teaching and learning styles with a focus on higher, more abstract levels of thinking. Identified students from Grades 3, 4, and 5 from throughout the city attend on a one-day per week basis. The program services about one hundred students yearly from all elementary schools throughout Beverly and is housed at the Memorial Building.

To participate in the Elementary Enrichment Center, your child would have already been identified through a selection process managed by the elementary schools and the EEC Committee. Notifications of selection have already been sent home, including a form outlining the payment schedule.

Athletic Fee Three-Tiered Structure
$210 Golf, Boys & Girls & Tennis, Cross Country, Fall & Winter Cheerleading, Boys & Girls Indoor Track, Boys & Girls Track & Field
$260 Boys & Girls Lacrosse, Swimming, Field Hockey, Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Gymnastics, Girls Volleyball, Wrestling, Sailing
$315 Football, Boys & Girls Ice Hockey
$105 per sport (Briscoe Middle School)

Jim Coffey
Athletic Director
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Beverly HS

The athletic fee varies for different sports according to the relative expense for operating each program. Since the various sports start at different times throughout the school year, students will be given a User Fee form at the start of the first season in which they participate. The Athletic Office will maintain a list of athletes who have paid their fees.

Elementary Instrumental Music Fee (Grades 4-5) $210 per year per student

Instrumental program lessons are covered by this fee. In grade 4, this involves participation in the strings program. In grade 5, this involves participation in the band as well as the string ensemble. Programs begin in the first full week of school, with parent orientation programs held in early September. Payment covers the entire school year and is due in mid-September.

BHS Student Parking Fee (Grades 11-12) $100 per year per student

Dan Bauer
Assistant Principal
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Beverly HS

This fee covers student parking for the entire school year at Beverly High School. Parking stickers will be given to seniors first and then to juniors. Seniors may obtain stickers at the High School Main Office during the week prior to the beginning of the school year and during the first week of school.


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