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District Technology encompasses three major areas; administrative, instructional, and hardware/infrastructure as well two key components that support all three areas: support and professional development.

Administrative Technology
The Beverly Public Schools are committed to making the best use of technology in order to support administrative functioning in our schools. In order to fulfill that commitment we have several software systems installed:

  • Software to maintain our student data including demographics, attendance, scheduling, grades, discipline, and health.
  • An automated telephone call system used to support the best possible communication between school and home.
  • A software application to help us analyze MCAS score data.
  • Two internal assessment systems and an internally developed system to help review yearly progress regarding district objectives by grade and by subgroups of students.

Technology Skills

Instructional Technology
Instructional technology refers to the technology tools we use for teaching and learning. This includes hardware such as desktop computers, laptops, graphing calculators, LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, scanners, printers, and scientific probes as well as software such as word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentation tools, databases and graphic organizers. Our goals are threefold and are very much dependent on each other. We believe that….

  • When effectively integrated with curriculum, technology can be a very powerful tool for teachers to enhance their teaching and student learning.
  • Our students need to gain technology skills that will prepare them for post-secondary education and beyond. (See K-5 and K-8 Tech Skills in the “More Info” section above.
  • The best way to achieve our first two goals is to provide teachers with quality professional development in the effective use of technology for instruction. When students apply technology skills within the context of quality instruction they will both gain and maintain skills for the future.

Hardware and Network Infrastructure
Our schools have a mix of Windows and Macintosh computers. Each school has a state-of-the-art computer lab and at least one up-to-date teacher computer in each classroom. Most classrooms have some additional computers for student use. Some schools have wireless access. Beverly High School has a Midi keyboard lab as well as a broadcast lab for video editing classes. BevCam, the local cable station, runs much of the content created by the students in the broadcast lab class. Internet access is provided by Comcast to all schools. In addition all schools are connected in a WAN either over fiber or through the internet for central data processing

Professional Development and Technical Support
Quality professional development and technical support services are the true keys to success in all the areas of technology. Our district has invested significantly in professional development using a variety of resources and formats to meet the needs of our staff, ranging from brief after school “mini-workshops” to week-long summer institutes for graduate credit. Often our professional development has come as part of technology grant projects that have been awarded to our district from the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Technical support goes hand-in-hand with quality training. As with most districts, Beverly has to support over 1,000 computers with limited resources. However, we are fortunate to have the expertise needed to keep our district running and productive throughout the school year.

For more detail on District Technology please review our District Technology Plan which is posted in the “More Info” section above.


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