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High School Construction

This is an exciting time for the City Of Beverly! Construction of a new Beverly High School to serve our students and community for decades to come is a most significant undertaking for this City! This webpage will be frequently updated to provide current information on our progress.

Project Schedule and Phasing
The construction and renovations for the new Beverly High School remain on schedule. Five phases of construction work allow for minimal impact to the current high school programs while maximizing the construction teams' productivity.

Phase 1A includes construction of the new academic 4-story tower, renovations to the auditorium and music rooms, and construction of the new public entrances to the hallway that separates the auditorium and field house. The current completion date for this work is November 18, 2010, with the possible exception that the music rooms could be available September 1, 2010.

Phase 1B includes the locker rooms, upper gym and adjacent classrooms, custodial areas, and the new kitchen. The target date for these is April 22, 2010. When these areas are ready, we will begin preparing meals in our new kitchen and serving meals in the upper gym area. This allows us to begin renovations in the old kitchen and the cafeteria on April 26, 2010. This work is Phase 1C, and it has a substantial completion date of March 8, 2011.

Phase 1D, which includes the field house, also begins on April 26, 2010. This phase has a substantial completion date of November 19, 2010.

Phase 2 involves the work of removal of hazardous materials, followed by demolition of the current facility and restoring the site. We plan to vacate the Patton Wing in mid-October so that Phase 2 work can begin in just that part of the building. This will be timed in a way so that work would proceed smoothly from the Patton Wing to the rest of the wings once we have moved out, sometime around Thanksgiving 2010. Completion of this work plus the final site work is targeted for December 16, 2011.

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Awarding of Bids
The Beverly City Council gave its final approval, 8-1, on Monday, December 3, 2008, to spend more than $80 million to build the new High School. The vote cleared the way for city officials to issue an award letter to CTA Ventures, the lowest bidder on the $80.16 million project. CTA Ventures is a partnership of CTA Construction Company of South Boston MA and Konover Construction Corporation of Farmington CT.

The Council's vote approved raising the project price tag from $65 million to $80.155 million, the same cap that the Massachusetts School Building Authority established. The Authority has agreed to reimburse the city 56.42% of the cost and add another 2% reimbursement if the project is certified as a "green school" upon completion.

In spring 1965, Beverly High School students walked a quarter mile from the old high school (now Briscoe Middle School) to the new high school at 100 Sohier Road. At that time, Beverly Trade School, known as the Claude H. Patten Vocational School, and Beverly High School were combined into one building. In 1973, Beverly’s citizens voted to join the North Shore Regional Vocational District, which eventually opened the North Shore Technical High School. The Beverly School Committee gradually phased out its vocational school. In September 1997, the remaining vocational functions were moved to North Shore Technical High School, and the vocational wing was converted into a temporary elementary school. When the five year elementary school building program was completed in 2002, the former vocational wing returned to high school control.

Over the years, the high school facility has aged. In September 2000, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) placed the High School on "warning", citing deteriorating condition of the building, its infrastructure, and its instructional equipment. Shortly thereafter, the City of Beverly, acting through its Building Commission, engaged the architectural firm Symmes Maini & McKee Associates (SMMA) to conduct a feasibility study of Beverly High School. The purpose of the analysis was to provide a comprehensive examination of the current High School and to develop options and costs for future facilities needs.

The recommended option of constructing a new academic building and renovating the field house, auditorium, and cafeteria areas was adopted by the School Committee and City Council. In February 2006, the Beverly City Council appropriated $65,000,000 for this project. Heery International was selected to serve as our Owner’s Project Manager in the fall of 2006, and the architectural firm Mount Vernon Group was selected in January 2007.


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