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Northshore Academy at McKeown School

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As a result of a Beverly School Committee decision to close its McKeown Elementary School as an elementary school beginning in 2008, the Beverly Public Schools and the Northshore Education Consortium (NEC) formed a partnership to share that facility to serve similar populations. Beverly will establish and develop a new Back on Track Program for middle and high school students and will provide rental space to NEC's Northshore Academy. The Academy serves a middle/high school student population similar to those served by Beverly's Back on Track Program. This partnership will be referred to as the Northshore Academy at McKeown School.

This partnership will allow the district to develop in-district programs for "at-risk" and transitional students in their middle and high school years. The alternative programs that we will develop beginning in 2008 will provide a safe and supportive academic environment to engage "at-risk" and transitional students and challenge them to reach their full potential in an alternative secndary environment. Students will be served through two programs entitled "Back on Track" and "Launch". The curriculum will reflect the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and well-researched best practices.

The Back on Track Program is designed to provide services for the disenfranchised secondary student who has been unable to access the public school environment. These students are often chronically truant and unable to participate in our public schools due to overwhelming emotional and behavioral concerns. They require out-reach and individualized attention in small, structured environments where the academics are tailored to address their specific needs.

Given the ideal location of the McKeown School, we will utilize the resources that can be provided by the Northshore Education Consortium. While the specific goals and objectives will need to be defined, the overarching goal will be to develop a small structured community where students can build on their strengths, feel safe and secure in a small setting, and be provided access to counseling, academic tutoring, and vocational opportunities so they can be successful learners.

NEC will pay rent to the school district for use of this space. More importantly, the district will benefit from in-kind services, including such things as NEC providing a full-time nurse who would also serve student needs in the Back on Track Program, including Beverly staff members in NEC professional development activities, NEC providing a full-time site administrator who would oversee the entire facility, and allowing integration of students and staff in school and instructional activities where appropriate.

The Launch Program will provide transition services for older students into adulthood. Each student will be individually planned for and supported by a Life Coach. Vocation, recreation, and academics will provide the student with a well-rounded experience. Travel training and independence will be major emphases for each student. The Launch Program will work out of the Memorial Building and will also benefit from in-kind services from NEC.


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