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The Beverly Public School’s Food Service Department
is pleased to announce the implementation of the
Meal Magic Corporation’s point-of-sale system in to
our schools’ cafeterias. This is a prepaid register
system that will provide convenience and accountability
for our meal programs.
While cash will still be accepted it is not encouraged.
All students will have an account in to which parents
can deposit money at any time. This account will be
used for all of your student’s breakfast, lunch, milk or
snack purchases. All students are assigned a
four-digit code, which they enter at the register when
making a purchase. If a student forgets his/her code, the
cashier can look
up the code. Meal Magic offers you control for monitoring
your student’s spending and eating habits.
Please view the links to the right under "District News"
for all detailed information about the POS system.

School Lunch Program
The School Lunch program is an integral part of the Beverly Public School System. We strive to meet the needs of all the students & staff, both nutritiously and socially, by serving a nutritious breakfast and lunch of high quality in a cheerful, pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. It is our role to encourage everyone to eat a breakfast and lunch that conforms to the dietary guidelines for healthy Americans while recognizing the individual preferences of each person who participates in our program. Menus are created monthly and reflect the students' tastes by offering the choices most popular to students. All lunches include an assortment of vegetables & fruit. A variety of milk (skim, low-fat and flavored) is offered with each meal. The monthly menu can be viewed on the Beverly Public School’s web site.

Breakfast and Lunch is available to all students in grades Kindergarten (Full Day) through 12. The cost of lunch is $3.00 at all schools. The cost of breakfast at all schools is $2.00. In addition 8z milks are $.75.

Parents are encouraged to pay for their child's meals in advance. With our Meal Magic system comes access to This website allows you to gain access to theactivity of your student’s Nutrition Services account. Student ID’s are needed to register your child at this website. If you have not received a hard or electronic notice of your student’s ID number, you may call the Food Service office to get yourstudent’s ID number. There is no requirement to make deposits online and no fee to view account activity. But if you decide tomake a deposit online ($20 minimum) using a credit card, a flat fee of $2.00 will incur on all transactions. If you have morethan one student, you can designate an appropriate amount for each child. You may also deposit money into your student’saccount by sending in checks made out to Beverly Public School’s Food Service. There is no fee for deposits made at schoolwith either cash or checks. These deposits can be made at any schools kitchen or by mailing it to our office at Beverly HighSchool, Attn: Food Service, 100 Sohier Rd, Beverly, MA 01915. Meal Magic helps to protect yourIf you have questions regarding the school lunch program please call Nancy Antolini at 978-921-6132 ext 11129.student’s privacy when participating in this program because all students’ accounts will look the same.

For parents or guardians who have not applied for the Free & Reduced Meal Benefits, applications are available on line using


    When using this site, your approval will be in one business day or less

    Food Assistance
    WIC (Women, Infant and Children Nutrition Program) is a nutrition program that provides nutrition and health education, healthy food and other services free of charge to Massachusetts families who qualify. The goal of WIC is to help keep pregnant and breastfeeding women, new moms, and kids under age 5 healthy. WIC provides: personalized nutrition information, consultations and support; checks to buy free, healthy food; tips for eating well to improve health; and referrals for medical and dental care, health insurance, child care, housing and fuel assistance, and other services that can benefit the whole family. WIC also offers immunization screening and referral, breastfeeding support, and nutrition and health workshops on a variety of topics including meal planning, maintaining a healthy weight, picky eaters, caring for a new baby, and shopping on a budget. To apply for WIC or learn more about this program, call 1-800-WIC-1007 or visit their website.

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    Menus Please visit our new web site at

    Food Assistance

    Useful Websites

    For information about Food Stamps and other food resources, call Project Bread’s Foodsource Hotline Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or visit the food stamp website.

    The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act
    The Beverly Public Schools provides homeless students and unaccompanied youth all of the educational services for which they are eligible, including education programs for students with disabilities, free school meals, English language services, vocational and technical education, gifted and talented services, special education, preschool and Title I services. Homeless students are entitled to transportation to their school of origin or the school in which they are to be enrolled, if required. All user fees are waived for students without a permanent place of residence.


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