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All educational and non-academic programs, activities and employment opportunities at Beverly Public Schools are offered without regard to race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and any other class or characteristic protected by law.

Child Welfare & Attendance

The office of Child Welfare and Attendance oversees a wide array of important functions for the school district. These include: oversight to ensure that civil rights are protected; that the District’s Discrimination/Harassment and Bullying Policies are properly implemented; and attendance regulations are enforced.

Specific student/parent and family needs, including information on support services, homelessness, students living in foster/kinship settings, social and mental health services for students and/or their families are a responsibility of this office. Information on these and other areas is contained on the Parent Resources webpage.

For more information on any of these areas, you may confidentially contact Emily Rockwell at 921-6100, ext. 747.

Interventions for Excessive Absences or Tardiness
Attendance procedures are included in all school handbooks, outlining school department policy with clear directions for parents regarding the reporting of a child’s absence and the parents’ responsibility for their child’s attendance. Parents need to provide a written explanation for the absence of their child at all times. When chronic or irregular absence occurs, reportedly due to illness, the administrator may request a physician’s statement certifying that such absence is justifiable.

In an effort to foster attendance and punctuality and to strengthen the enforcement of M.G.L., Chapter 76, Section 2, absenteeism and chronic tardiness is closely monitored. If a child’s absences or tardiness becomes excessive, Building Principals notify the Coordinator of Child Welfare & Attendance. Reports of unresolved truancy, chronic tardiness and/or absenteeism may result in the filing of one or more of the following with the Essex County Juvenile Court: (a) a CRA Petition (Child Requiring Assistance), Massachusetts General Laws, Ch. 119, sec. 39E); (b) a Failure to Cause Complaint, Massachusetts General Laws, Ch. 76, sec. 2; or (c) an Inducing Absenteeism Complaint, Massachusetts General Laws, Ch. 76, sec. 4. Prior to a formal court proceeding, a student and/or parent may be asked to attend an informal administrative hearing with the Coordinator of Child Welfare and Attendance and a Probation Officer.

If there are extenuating circumstances which are preventing your child from attending school on a regular basis, please contact Emily Rockwell.

Partnership for Violence Prevention
Partnership for Violence Prevention is an integral part of the Essex County District Attorney’s Juvenile Justice Program. This program promotes violence prevention through education, training and technical assistance to schools and communities and facilitates and fosters the development of community ties.

A key component of the Partnership for Violence Prevention is the Community Collaborative Initiative. School administrators, law enforcement officers, probation officials and representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, along with Departments of Children & Families, Mental Health and Youth Services, meet on a monthly basis to discuss particular violence concerns. These meeting provide a forum for professionals to share information about “at risk” students and families in an attempt to better coordinate intervention efforts.

Memorandum of Understanding
This collaborative initiative between the Beverly Public Schools and the Beverly Police Department, the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, the Departments of Mental Health, Children & Families, Youth Services and the Essex County Juvenile Court recognizes the formal working relationships and reporting process between the participating agencies to provide a safe and violence free educational setting. This effort between school administration and law enforcement supports a “no tolerance” for violence, weapons, drugs, harassment and other civil rights violations in accordance with state and federal Safe School Acts.

Anti-Defamation League
A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute Peer Training Program
To advance its mission to stop hate before it starts, the ADL New England Region’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute launched the Peer Training Program.

ADL Peer Leaders at Briscoe Middle and Beverly High Schools provide practical, experiential, and hands-on training in their leadership roles as they assist their peers to challenge prejudice and discrimination. They foster group understanding to create respectful and inclusive school environments. Peer Leaders teach their peers how to respond effectively when they hear racial slurs, name-calling, and putdowns in the hallways, classrooms, and lunchrooms of their schools. Peer Leader Trainers become role models in their school and in the larger Beverly Public Schools community through their expanded work at the elementary schools. Through identity, language, cultural awareness and action planning activities, these students gain: 1) an increased understanding of the causes of prejudice; 2) a fuller appreciation of racial, ethnic, cultural, and other individual differences; and 3) facilitation and conflict resolution skills to respond positively in the face of discrimination. For more information, contact Beverly High School or Briscoe Middle School about their specific programs.

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