The Metric System

Mr. Conant - Memorial Middle School - Beverly Massachusetts


Lesson 1

LESSON TITLE:  Metric System Introduction (PowerPoint Presentation)


1. To introduce the students to the metric system.
2. To introduce the students to the basic conversions in the metric system.
3. To understand the reasons for using the Metric System (SI units) in science.


1. With guided assistance from the teacher, the students will complete a metric system ladder and one basic metric conversion.
2. After taking part in a discussion (PowerPoint), the students will demonstrate their ability to convert basic metric system problems.
3. The students will gain an understanding of why the metric system (SI units) is used in world of science.


1. What are the basic units in the metric system?
2. How do you use the ladder to convert metric units?
3. Why is the metric system used in the world of science?


At the beginning of the class period the students will receive a worksheet that contains a blank metric system ladder and some metric conversions to be competed. The students will then take part in a PowerPoint presentation in which the reasons for using the metric system will be introduced, the ladder method is introduced and a conversion problem is solved using the ladder method. After these three concepts have been introduced (PowerPoint) the students will complete one example on their worksheets. After a short period of time, the teacher will review the example with the students. The remaining examples on the worksheet will be solved in this manner, one example at a time with teacher assistance.


Metric Mania


Discipline:  Science & Technology
Strand:  5-8 Inquiry
Unit: Chemical Building Blocks / The Metric System
Standards:  5210
Represent data and findings using tables, models, demonstrations and graphs.


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