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Differentiate by

Topic Choice:
* Within a Unit
* I-Searches

The Library Media Specialists (LMS) and Library Media Centers are great sources of support when planning for Differentiated Instruction.  Collaboratively planned and facilitated research units enable all students to meet curriculum objectives creatively and independently.  A perfect fit for DI.

Librarians can help guide the research process and many use The Big 6.   Like DI, the Big 6 promotes the use of an information problem or an an essential question. As students define their task, determine search strategies, locate, access, use and synthesize information.  This structured method to find, use, apply, and evaluate information to specific needs and tasks is easily integrated into any research project.

 Resource-based learning units provide students with research projects  that allow them to come to understand and "own" information and ideas.  The goal of RBL  is for students to become independent users of information by using a variety of sources.  Differentiating by learning profile and readiness can be applied by what types and complexities of sources are accessed. 

Integrated into an RBL project are information literacy skills. In order to navigate responsibly through our media saturated world all students must acquire these skills.  This aspect of the  library media curriculum  can be integrated into any DI assignment/library media assignment. An information literate student know where and how to access desired information.


This page was created by Deborah Lang Froggatt, Library Media Specialist at Memorial Middle School in Beverly, MA. The Library Media Center's Web Page which supports Differentiated Instruction, Resource Based Learning projects, and promotes information literacy skills can be found at:


Differentiate by

Product Choice:

* PowerPoints
*Pamphlets *Web Pages *Posters

Differentiate by Readiness:

Varied resources that address ability levels including:

*Web Pages
*Reference *Materials

*Online Databases