Elementary Enrichment Program (EEP) $985 for grade 5

Contact: Sue Charochak
Assistant Superintendent
McKeown Building

The Elementary Enrichment Program was implemented in September 1976. It is designed to meet the needs of academically talented students who will benefit from working with others of like ability. The program identifies students who have exhibited an interaction among three basic clusters of human traits: above average abilities, high levels of task commitment, and high levels of creativity.

E.E.P. is a full day pull-out program offering differentiated instruction by exposing the student to modified teaching and learning styles with a focus on higher, more abstract levels of thinking. Identified students from Grade 5 from throughout the city attend on a one-day per week basis. The program services about forty students yearly from all elementary schools throughout Beverly and is housed at the Centerville Building.

To participate in the Elementary Enrichment Center, your child would have already been identified through a selection process managed by the elementary schools and the EEC Committee. Notifications of selection have already been sent home, including a form outlining the payment schedule.