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Violence Prevention

Partnership for Violence Prevention
Partnership for Violence Prevention is an integral part of the Essex County District Attorney’s Juvenile Justice Program. This program promotes violence prevention through education, training and technical assistance to schools and communities and facilitates and fosters the development of community ties.

A key component of the Partnership for Violence Prevention is the Community Collaborative Initiative. School administrators, law enforcement officers, probation officials and representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, along with Departments of Children & Families, Mental Health and Youth Services, meet on a monthly basis to discuss particular violence concerns. These meeting provide a forum for professionals to share information about “at risk” students and families in an attempt to better coordinate intervention efforts.

Memorandum of Understanding
This collaborative initiative between the Beverly Public Schools and the Beverly Police Department, the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, the Departments of Mental Health, Children & Families, Youth Services and the Essex County Juvenile Court recognizes the formal working relationships and reporting process between the participating agencies to provide a safe and violence free educational setting. This effort between school administration and law enforcement supports a “no tolerance” for violence, weapons, drugs, harassment and other civil rights violations in accordance with state and federal Safe School Acts.