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Curriculum Planning

The office of the Assistant Superintendent oversees Curriculum and Instruction in the Beverly Public Schools. Within that oversight are a number of programs and initiatives.

Curriculum Guidelines
The district is required to align its curriculum with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. The district has aligned instruction in grades K-12 in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Health/Wellness. In addition, the district is working on creating curriculum maps which outline the sequence of instruction as well as essential understandings that students will acquire as a result appropriate grade-level instruction. Course outlines for Beverly High School are available on the High School website.

District Curriculum Accommodation Plan
The Massachusetts Department of Education requires that each district develop and implement a District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP). This plan outlines educational services that can accommodate students learning needs and avoid unnecessary referrals to special education.

The district conducts several different types of assessments. Standardized testing provides the district with a snapshot of student performance at a certain point in time. It also compares student performance with that of state or national groups. MCAS, PARCC, SAT, and AP are the current standardized testing programs being implemented in the district. Other tests are given internally for the district to adjust their instructional programming during the year so that we can ensure that students learn the curriculum and are better prepared to take standardized tests. Each year the Massachusetts Department of Education requires that districts be measured for accountability determinations, including school and district accountability and assistance levels.. Results of this measurement are reported as Progress and Performance Indicators (PPI). 

District Programs
The Beverly Public Schools provides a number of district-wide programming to enhance the basic instructional programming. The office of the Assistant Superintendent oversees and updates these programs.