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School Nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well being, academic success, and life long achievement of students.  Beverly School Nurses are Bachelor's or Master's prepared registered nurses who are licensed to practice in schools by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  Many of our nurses also hold national certification as school nurses.

The Beverly School Nurses promote the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of students in support of every student’s academic success. The school nurse is a liaison between home, school, and the community and serves as a health resource for students and families. Effective management of health care needs requires a partnership built on transparent communication and trust. The school nurse works to coordinate resources between the school, home, and community to encourage optimum health and wellness while maintaining a healthy and safe environment for students and staff.  

The Beverly School Nursing team is lead by District Nurse Leader, Jodi Elder.  She is available for consult Monday through Friday. 

The school physician, Dr.Sheryl Silva, serves as a consultant to our Health Services Department and is available for inquiries as needed. 

Please feel free to contact your child’s school nurse with any health concerns or questions you may have.  Click here for list of School Nurses

As a reminder, the School Health Offices are working hard to keep our schools safe as we continue to navigate the Covid Pandemic. Please refer to our sick day guidelines and please, do not send your student to school if they are sick. Thank you for your partnership in helping keep our schools safe and healthy learning environments.