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Course Approval & Tuition Reimbursement

Course Approval Process:
Any Unit A instructional staff who would like to take graduate level courses, must have them approved prior to registering for the course.  Staff would file the approval forms through the Frontline Learning Management System.  The course must be approved by the supervisor and central office staff before the staff member registers for the course.  Please make sure you upload the appropriate syllabus to the course approval form when completing it.
Approved List of courses (1-3 credit courses).
Online Graduate Course Approval Process
All online courses must follow the prior steps as well as meet the expectations on the Graduate Course Approval Rubric.  Part of the rubric requires that staff complete the Statement of Purpose section on the Frontline Form.
If a staff member would like to take a complete certificate or other 'program" in an online format.  They will need to request approval to the superintendent with the syllabi for the courses attached to the email.
Graduate Programs and Certification Programs
All staff members interested in a program must request permission from the superintendent prior to registering for any program.
Tuition Reimbursement Information
If you are filing for tuition reimbursement, remember that this request pertains to graduate course work for the period covering July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. In accordance with the BTA Agreement, teachers may receive up to $125 reimbursement for graduate credits per contract year per employee.

All coursework must be approved in writing by the Supervisor and District Office Personnel prior to taking the course and a grade of "B" or better must be obtained to be entitled to reimbursement. 

Deadline for submission of grades will be June 1, 2023.

An application for “Tuition Reimbursement" is on the Frontline Management System.
Column Move Information
All employees who anticipate completing enough graduate coursework to move a column MUST apply for a Column Move on the Frontline system by DECEMBER 1st of each year.  Even if you are unsure whether you will complete the required courses by August 31st, we suggest you complete the form.  If you do not submit a form by December 1st, you will need to wait another full calendar year before consideration for a column move.