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ADL: A World of Difference Program

A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute Peer Training Program
To advance its mission to stop hate before it starts, the ADL New England Region’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute launched the Peer Training Program.

ADL Peer Leaders at Beverly Middle and Beverly High Schools provide practical, experiential, and hands-on training in their leadership roles as they assist their peers to challenge prejudice and discrimination. They foster group understanding to create respectful and inclusive school environments. Peer Leaders teach their peers how to respond effectively when they hear racial slurs, name-calling, and putdowns in the hallways, classrooms, and lunchrooms of their schools. Peer Leader Trainers become role models in their school and in the larger Beverly Public Schools community through their expanded work at the elementary schools. Through identity, language, cultural awareness and action planning activities, these students gain: 1) an increased understanding of the causes of prejudice; 2) a fuller appreciation of racial, ethnic, cultural, and other individual differences; and 3) facilitation and conflict resolution skills to respond positively in the face of discrimination. For more information ([email protected]), contact Allison Nichols or Brenda Arsenault ([email protected]) @ Beverly Middle School or Elizabeth Hoeffner ([email protected])or Melissa Orr ([email protected]) @ Beverly High School about their specific programs.