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Boston Celtics Playbook Initiative/Project 351

Spearheaded by high school alumni of Project 351's middle school program, the Playbook Initiative seeks to empower the next generation of social justice leaders to facilitate workshops with middle school students "of influence" in an effort to build a more inclusive and safe environment to live, learn and play.
Over the last two years, the Celtics Shamrock Foundation and Project 351 have collaborated to increase the scope and scale of Playbook through a cohort of high school Alumni "Trainers", each selected for their commitment to social justice and inclusion. Through candid dialogues and greater awareness, middle school participants develop the courage and tools to positively intervene in challenging social situations regarding race, religion, gender, disability and sexual orientation.
2023-2024 Team
Dr. André Morgan (Administrator)
Carla Femino (Lead Playbook Educator)
Elodie LaPointe (Lead Trainer)
Anya Patel (Deputy Trainer)
From left: Dr. André Morgan, Anya Patel, Carla Femino, Elodie LaPointe
Opportunity Access & Equity Dec 2023 photo
2022-2023 Trainers
Elodie LaPointe
Maria Souza Duarte